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From in-home to commercial fleet charging, Elliot’s team of certified professionals offers turnkey solutions for Electric Vehicle charging stations. Electric Vehicles (EVs) are rapidly growing in popularity, and the need to implement the necessary infrastructure to support them is an important consideration for business owners, developers, and homeowners. As demand grows, hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, athletic facilities, apartment buildings, and many other locations will be asked to provide options for EV Charging.


There are 3 types of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to consider for your needs. 

Level 1 (120v)

Level 1 (120v)

Level 1 chargers are great for those with Hybrid Vehicles. These charging stations provide about 5 miles per hour of charge, but allow for cost savings and operate off of a standard 120-volt outlet.

Level 2 (240v)

Level 2 (240v)

Level 2 Charging Stations provide quicker charging for full Electric Vehicles from leading manufacturers like Tesla, Chevrolet, Kia, Lucid, Rivian, Mercedes-Benz, GMC, and more. These stations will provide up to 25 miles of charge per hour but may require a service upgrade to operate.

Level 3 (480v)

Level 3 (480v)

Level 3 stations provide a full charge in less than 30 minutes and are ideal for publicly available, monetized charging stations or those who operate fleets of Electric Vehicles. 

E.V. Services

Elliot’s team of certified professionals is prepared to meet your needs and provide customers with the installation and service necessary to make this option available. Whether you are preparing to buy your first Electric Vehicle, need to prepare to support a fleet of them, or are looking for a way to provide a monetized option to your community, Elliot is here to help. 

Charger Installation, Service, & Repair

Elliot offers best-in-class Installation, service, and repair for a wide variety of EV Charger brands, including Blink, Bosch, ChargePoint, ClipperCreek, Delta, JuiceBox, Lectron, Siemens, United, and more. 

Monetized EV Charging

If you are looking for opportunities to monetize EV Charging Stations in your community, Elliot offers turnkey offerings to get you up and running. 

EV Charger Brand Knowledge

Elliot’s knowledgeable team will work to understand your needs and provide you with useful information to help you make the right decision for your home, business, or team. 

Fleet EV Charging

Thinking about taking your company’s fleet electric? Elliot can work with your business to install and service Electric Vehicle Charging stations to keep your team ready to work. 

Residential EV Charging

Ready to purchase an Electric Vehicle for yourself? Overwhelmed by the Charging Station options in the residential market? Not sure if your home is ready to support the needs of one or more electric vehicles? Elliot’s expert team can assist you with making the right decision for your needs. 

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