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Elliot Educational Foundation



Each year since 2018, the Elliot Educational Foundation has awarded educational scholarships to the children or dependents of full-time Davis H. Elliot Company employees. This program has provided incredible opportunities for many members of our Elliot family, and we have been honored to assist them as they achieve their educational goals.




Registration for the Elliot Educational Foundation scholarships opens each year on the first Monday in February and closes on the last Friday in March. This provides applicants nearly two months to ensure they have properly completed the application. Late or incomplete applications submitted will not be considered, so please keep an eye out for company-wide communication related to key deadlines to avoid any issues during the process.


The Elliot Educational Foundation scholarship opportunity is open to the children or dependents of full-time Davis H. Elliot Company employees who have obtained their GED or are completing their high school diploma, and who are enrolled in a formal post-high school education program. This includes four-year colleges or universities, community colleges, two year degrees or trade schools but must lead to a degree or certification. Current college students or high school seniors are able to apply for the scholarship. If you have previously applied, but were not selected, we encourage you to continue to apply. Spouses of Davis H. Elliot employees, those attending school for advanced degrees, or the children or dependents of officers or directors of the Davis H. Elliot Company are not eligible to be awarded the scholarship.

Employees must have been with the company three consecutive years from the check issue date in order for their children or dependents to be eligible. Checks for those who are awarded the scholarship are issued on August 1st of each years. So, for example, an employee would have had to be hired before August 1st of 2021 in order for their children or dependents to have been be eligible in 2024. In addition to being employed for three consecutive years, the sponsor employee must remain on the payroll through the check payment date to remain eligible for the award. Otherwise, funds will be forfeited.

Selection Process

The recipients of the Elliot Educational Foundation scholarship are selected by the Elliot Educational Foundation Board – an independent entity. Once awarded, the recipient can renew the awarded scholarship for up to three additional times for a maximum of 4 years or the designed number of years that is less than 4. They must remain in good standing and continue making progress toward the completion of their program or degree to continue renewing the scholarship.

In order for your application to be considered, you must include the following items:

  • School Activities
  • Community Activities
  • Employment History
  • Prior Academic Performance
  • A short, 250 word maximum, personal essay describing your educational and career goals
  • A personal recommendation from someone other than a family member.

If you meet the proper criteria, and fully complete the application with the required items, your application will be provided to a committee of independent advisors who will select the recipients of the scholarship. This committee does not include current or former employees or board members of the Davis H. Elliot Company to ensure the selections are made in a truly independent manner.

Recipients will be notified by the end of May, ahead of the fall semester, if they were selected by the Elliot Educational Foundation Committee. Payments will be made directly to the educational institution on behalf of the student. Winning applicants will provide proof of acceptance into the undergraduate or trade program described in their application. Winners will also be required to have their photograph taken for promotional purposes. Renewal for subsequent years is approved provided that the requirements mentioned earlier in this video are met and satisfactory grades are submitted. Each grant recipient will also be required to submit a report to the Foundation within ten days after the recipient has received their grades to demonstrate their continuing eligibility to use the grant funds, and that acceptable academic progress is being made toward earning their degree or certification.


The application window for the 2025 Scholarship Opportunity will open on Monday, February 3, 2025!


Complete the form below and we will reach out to you as soon as possible!

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