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On the Line: The Davis H. Elliot Company Story Now Streaming January 18, 2023

Elliot is excited to announce the official release of On the Line: The Davis H. Elliot Company Story, the documentary film about the company’s history!

On the Line: The Davis H. Elliot Company Story is a deep dive into the past, present, and future of a company rooted in its history. Told through the lens of the leaders, contributors, and employees who lived this history, the film shows how events came to pass between 1946 and today. Going beyond the facts and figures which show Elliot’s prominence in the industry, the story focuses on the drive, courage, humility, and risk of putting everything on the line to build a company that would have a lasting impact.

The story details the life of a man who was determined to carve his path through the mountains of Roanoke, Virginia, after World War II, along with his brother-in-law, before being followed by his son, who was torn between the family business and the practice of law. It’s a tale of the outsider oil executive who shook Elliot to its very foundation and changed the company’s trajectory forever and the humble man who was raised in the business from an early age and led it into its robust and diverse future. This is a no-holds-barred look at a company rooted in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains that has now is an industry leader across the United States, told through the voices of those who led the way and those who will lead it into the future. This is the great American story.

The film, produced by Studio46 Media, is available to stream at!

About Studio46 Media:

Studio46 Media was started by the Davis H. Elliot Company, Inc. after identifying a need for storytellers and creatives to help write their narratives and share their message with their employees and customers. Since then, Studio46 Media has expanded to provide a number of video and event production services throughout the country.

You can learn more about Studio46 Media, and their services, by visiting!