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Elliot Employee-Owner Ken Sheridan Releases Book August 1, 2022

Lexington, KY – Ken Sheridan has been a fixture in the utility industry for over forty years, serving in roles with Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities (LG&E and KU) and the Davis H. Elliot Company. Throughout his career, his concept of creating a No Compromise safety culture has been embraced by many of his peers. His unique and energetic style is familiar to many Elliot employee-owners through his video series, and now he has released his debut book – No Compromise: The Truth About Workplace Safety & Business Success through Gatekeeper Press!

“Ken Sheridan has been a safety leader, safety mentor, and friend for many years,” said Elliot’s Vice President of Safety & Training Don Adkins, “Between the covers of this book, he has distilled many complex safety concepts learned over decades of safety leadership into down to earth, easily understandable safety truths. These simple truths, if applied daily, will help both the individual employee reader and a larger company group to have an injury-free workplace and lifestyle. His book is useful both to the safety professional and to the newest employee on the job.”

The foreword for the book was written by Elliot’s President/CEO David Haskins.

You can visit to learn more about what Ken is up to. No Compromise: The Truth About Workplace Safety & Business Success is available for purchase on Elliot Outfitters and many other online retailers.

Book Description for No Compromise: The Truth About Workplace Safety & Business Success

Do you believe workplace safety is too expensive, begins and ends with adherence to OSHA standards, and inhibits production and profit margins?

Do you desire to advance in your trade, better understand your organization’s business goals, and learn how to prove yourself a valuable team member?

Ken Sheridan’s 40-plus years in the construction, utility, and distribution industries taught him several important lessons: everyone should end their workday fully intact; safety is the smartest business plan when it exceeds personal protection equipment (PPE); and employees who embrace a safety-focused culture are impactful leaders, creative problem solvers, and valuable business stewards.

No Compromise lays out a clear path for a cultural approach to business success through safety. Such a culture shift is woven into human resources and supply departments; establishes a clear path for apprentices; and creates support for stakeholders, employees, communities, and business partners.